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Is Forex Trading Profitable?

It is no secret that forex trading comes with a great deal of risk and that every forex trader suffers losses at one time or another. Being a forex trader is the same as running any businesses you have expenses, bad weeks and good weeks or months.

How Much Should I Invest in the Forex Market?

This will depend on the risk tolerance, long-term goals, realistic expectations and margin. In the currency market there is more liquidity for large gains and losses. Why? The currency market trades $3.2 trillion in volume each day vs. the U.S. Dow Jones Industrial, which would take them 60 days to match the volume. In the currency market we are riding the coat tails of the larger participants i.e. central banks, large governments, bond market and large sovereign buyers that can push the market in a single direction.

The 10 Green Industries for Your Ethical Investment Portfolio

Ethical investing is concerned with industries that promote affirmative environmental programs, sustainable growth, and good corporate governance. Many people still think that investors in green industries may lose their money in the long run because it is difficult to maximise financial return when taking social ethics into perspective. However, developments in the last 5 years would contradict this as there have been significant players entering “green industries” in recent years.

Currency Trading Technique

Currency trading is this decade’s work from home opportunity, with trillions of dollars traded on the currency market everyday you can see the attraction. Currency trading is the most volatile market in the financial world and because of this it carries a large degree of risk.

Forex Robot Trading Verus Manual Trading – Why You Need To Master Manual Trading First

The moral of this story is that you will have to learn forex trading and a little bit of programming if you really want your forex robot to start working. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time and money on these forex robots. The best way to learn forex trading is to start trading forex manually yourself. Now, to tell you the truth, there are some very simple manual forex trading systems that can make as high as 100% return in one month unlike most of the robots that promise to make this much return but can never really do it.

The Best Forex Software – Based on Performance!

FREE tips and advice on best Forex trading software. Using the right information, you are on your way to create great wealth with Forex trading!

Fibonacci Retracement When Combined With Pivot Point Trading Can Be A Powerful Combination

Now, it the price action starts to fall subseqently, you can take it as sell signal with the stop placed close to the high of the doji. When to get out? You can draw the retracement levels 0.382,0.5 and the 0.618 to see where the price action will complete the retracement. This way you can keep your emotional control and don’t let the trade end prematurely. Whatever, Fibonacci Retracement when combined with Pivot Points can be a powerful combination that you should master. Good Luck!

What is Automatic Forex Trading? A Quick Summary.

Automatic forex trading started over 2 years ago. It is helping the beginners and the expert traders to automatically make money with several clicks, You will start making money with a little work.

Blade Forex Strategies – Learning a Few Strategies to Make Profits in Forex

Forex or foreign exchange is a profitable business but it can also be risky. Of course, the fluctuation of currency values can become unpredictable and it may lead you to lose what you’ve got. However, there are successful people in foreign exchange that does not only make money out of the currency market but has made it their major source of income.

Is Stock Trading A Thing Of The Past?

Given the recent events of the stock market crashing all over the globe again and again without a means for bouncing back, it is over? Not by a long shot! Why I say this is because I watch it obsessively close and paying attention to future trends.

Forex Trading Leverage – Why Is Leverage Such A Big Deal In Forex?

Have you ever wondered why forex trading leverage gets talked about so much? If you have ever considered trading the Foreign Exchange market as a way of making some cash, you will have probably seen the word ‘leverage’ used at some point.

Learn The Safe Way to Trade Stocks In Today’s Volatile Market

Ok, I’m going to use a four letter word, “safe”. That is what Wall Street would think anyway. The slicked backed hair and expensive suits on “the Street” want you to think that high risk equals high profits, in a sense they are right but they would never go anywhere near the words safe, oh the shame.

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