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Forex Study Software – Is It Really Necessary?

The forex or the foreign exchange market where international currencies are traded for monetary benefits is the largest and most volatile financial market in the whole world. Hence, forex study software has become necessary as risks associated with this enterprise have also risen considerably in the recent years. The software application makes it easy for anyone, even a beginner to carry out trade efficiently and safely.

Forex Margin Trading – The Dangers Of Trading On The Margin

Why is gaining too much leverage through forex margin trading a dangerous thing? If you have already read about the concept of leverage in forex by trading on the margin, you will no doubt understand that it can be a powerful tool.

FX Investing Class

Lots of you wanting into currency buying and selling might get scared away by the concept that the market is just for really huge traders. You see reports of trillions of dollars sloshing world wide, zapped on their way by the big-shot forex traders from the giants of the investment banking world; and it’s simple to think this isn’t the place for small-scale merchants like you.

Ways To Improve Your Stock Trading Game

Today is a new day and time to learn a more modern way to trade. Seriously let’s get started shall we? Even though it has become easier to work the stock market from your laptop does not mean it can become more effective in your favor and the risk is higher than ever.

Can Forex Trading Also Be A Long Term Steady Investment?

Forex trading discipline yields extreme positive results over time and then Forex can be treated as a long term investment. Forex trading, where the capital is continuously reinvested yields compound interest results with the additional fuel of high returns.

Currency Trading Tutorial – What Is a Bearish and Bullish Market?

In this tutorial I will briefly discuss the concepts of bearish and bullish markets. As a student chart technician you need to fully understand this if you are to be successful at currency trading. Especially if you are a short term, or day trader.

Forex Trading – Developing A Trading Plan

One of the common mistakes new traders make is to trade without having a trading plan. However, entering a trade without a plan is an action similar to gambling and every time you do so, you risk losing your money. Trading plans can help you to manage risk and increase your profits if you follow them.

Forex Charting Basic

Forex charting basics come under the term of technical analysis. This method relies entirely on the price of a specific market and the trend patterns are followed and recorded in different forex charts.

Understanding Margin Trading – Implications and Complications

Knowing the implication of your margin deposit to your trading activities, and having the knowledge to compute where your cut-points would be every time you initiate a trade are essential to trading foreign currencies successfully. It will give a clearer picture of which trade to take and the financial implications of the risk your taking in every trading opportunity you are about to take… before you take them.

Why Will You Lose Money Trading Forex? My Top 12 Reasons

It seems like everyone is trying to sell you on the benefits of Forex trading today. Not a day goes by or I see an ad for a new forex broker, a new forex robot or other trading scheme. At the same pace, I see forex scams, blatant lies about performance of so-called “fool proof” systems and ads that down talk the risks associated with forex trading. At the same pace, I hear peoples lament about having lost money in forex for this or that reason. Why will you, just as any novice or even seasoned trader, lose money in forex trading? My personal top 12.

Learning RSI and The Core Principles Will Open Up the World of Trading Forex

Have you been trading Forex with poor results? Maybe you have tried using auto-trading systems, EAs or other types of trading tools like trend lines, chart patterns, Elliott Wave, Fibonacci, even moving averages and price action but nothing seems to work. Many traders make the common mistake of going to the “Home Depot of Forex” and learning how all the tools work but never learn to use the tools in order to trade successfully.

The Pros and Cons of Forex Robot Or Expert Advisor

Forex robot is an automated software program to make the trading choice for you. Can Forex robot be able to give you the competitive edge in trading the Forex market? What are the Pros and Cons?

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