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The Impact of News in the Forex Market

The financial markets including the Foreign Exchange Market is all interconnected. As such, news that affects a particular market or a region has a direct impact on the Foreign Exchange Market.

The Key Ingredients to a Home Forex Business

One of the questions that I get asked by potential new traders is to explain what is forex trading. One of my favourite motivational teachers is Zig Ziglar. He once said “You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

Forex Trading: Knowing the Hours of Trading for a Maximum Profit

Forex trading has its best hour and time that investors can capitalize on and make money in a big way. Forex trading is all about volatility and if you can take advantage of this time, you will make money like never before in your life.

Made a Mistake in Forex Trading?

So you took a loss. What if you have taken a big loss so what action would you take? I know that first you will be panic and second you think that this is the end of your game and you are thinking of giving up. That’s normal, every traders suffer this and you are not the only one experienced this.

Want to Know

How to start trading the forex market easily is something people like us want to know! If you want to execute profitable trade easily, learn this 1 shocking secret brokers do not want you to know about.

Automated Forex Trading System – Finding the Best Forex Robot

An automated forex system is crucial to your success in currency trading. Discover how to find the best forex robot that can help you make money in forex.

How To Trade In The Forex Market With Little To No Experience

When you decide to trade Forex, you want to make money as soon as possible. This often leads to jumping in the currency market with real money before you are ready. That is the quickest way to lose money and lose your confidence in Forex trading.

How Much Can You Earn In A Year Trading In The Forex Market?

When people decide they want to give Forex trading a “try”, finding out how much money they can make is the most important question they want answered. It is not about learning the currency market, or mastering a skill that can change their life.

Best Forex Trading System – Key to Dominating the Forex Trading Market

Looking for the best forex trading system? Discover the best forex robot and use it in your currency trading.

Beginner’s Guide to Financial Spread Betting

Spread betting was once the domain of institutional investors, city traders and high rollers. Not anymore. You would now be hard-pressed to find any other form of trading that allows such a scale of return and has such wide appeal. Aimed squarely at beginners, the article is designed to be accessible to readers with perhaps only a basic grasp of trading…

Forex Price Action Strategies: The King of All Forex Trading Strategies

I wonder why many people still find it difficult to trade Forex market successfully. There are many ways in which you can trade Forex market profitably. One of the strategies that are very convenient is trading with price action strategies.

Features Of Online Currency Charts

Whether you are trading the forex currency markets, the stock markets, or the commodities markets you will want to monitor the price movement (often referred to as price action) through some type of charting software program. There are many different charting programs to choose from regardless of which commodity you are trading, in this article we will concentrate on the key features to look for when deciding on the one of the many online forex currency charts available. Virtually all online spread betting companies and online bank forex trading accounts will offer their own charting software programs….

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